Fostering through Peace for Paws Ohio

Fostering a kitten, puppy, cat or dog provides a temporary home for an animal in need. The time frame for fostering can vary from a few days to many months depending on the level of care required.

Companion pets that need help to recover from sickness, injury, mistreatment and abuse, those that need a break from the stress of the shelter environment or young animals that require nurturing, all benefit greatly from foster care.

As a foster parent you will get to provide an animal with the proper love and attention they deserve, while they wait for adoption and a forever home. You will also be helping to socialize an animal so that it will become more adoptable and a better companion. Fostering gives a rescue cat or dog a second chance at life.

If you are interested in fostering, please “contact us” and we will get in touch to discuss the process with you and help to find a match with an animal that best suits your lifestyle.

Become a Peace For Paws Ohio Foster Family and save a dog or cat’s life today!